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FlashEff effects in TimelineLite

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Hi all,


I recently completed a project where I had the challenge of trying to combine FlashEff effects (www.flasheff.com) and TweenLite tweens. It resulted in more than a few "hacks" using TimelineLite to sequence them the way I wanted. It got me thinking - I wonder if anyone has attempted to write custom classes to properly append FlashEff effects to a TimelineLite instance? Perhaps by extending TweenLite or TweenCore? Would it even be possible?


- Gabe

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FlashEff actually uses TweenLite to drive most (if not all) of its animations internally, although they got my permission to rename the package it was in (long story). So hopefully it wouldn't be terribly difficult to integrate them somehow, but frankly I'm not very familiar with the guts of FlashEff or how they've structured things so I couldn't say for sure. Have you asked the makers of FlashEff? That'd be the best place to ask a question like this.

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Thanks Jack! I'll give them a try. Am kinda stoked to see this happen!

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Nothing but crickets over there in the FlashEff forums. I'm going to give this a try in my spare time and post my findings!

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