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TweenMax onComplete - removeChild and null

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I'm having some troubles with a function that gets called on the onComplete handler of TweenMax. Here's some code


// in some method
if (_gameOverScreen) {
TweenMax.to(_gameOverScreen, 0.55, {
			   onCompleteParams:[_gameOverScreen, _gameContainer],

private function removeSprite(target:*, holder:*):void {
     target = null;


The problem is that the actual _gameOverScreen, which is passed to the parameters of the removeSprite method, doesn't get null.


Am I doing something wrong here?


Thanks in advance,



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You're setting target = null inside your function, but all that does is set the local variable "target" to null. It doesn't somehow null all other references in the application to that object. Think of "target" as just a pointer.


var original:String = "something";
var a:String = original;
var b:String = original;
a = null;
trace(a); //"null"
trace(; //"something"
trace(original); //"something"

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that's what i thought too, and i changed the logic so that it would clear the actual variable to null, instead of the reference "target"...



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