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uninstantiated tweenlight throwing error??

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I had some bugs in a badly written program, but one of them i didn't understand -

TweenLight threw an error in renderTime (value is not a function, meaning _ease), and i checked and found out that both _ease and target were null.

I checked if the constructor was being called and found out it wasn't.

How can an instance throw an error before it was instantiated?

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Yeah, that sounds impossible to me too - I'd need to see your FLA and publish it on my end to see exactly what's going on. Sounds VERY fishy to me.

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Its a bit big. its a lot of classes on top of a custom library, and the program is still very buggy on its own. it could take a lot of time for you to dig into it



if it helps, this is the list of what happened -


1 tweenlight through an error saying function is not a value, in function renderTime on the line -

this.ratio = _ease(time, 0, 1, this.cachedDuration);

(i have it on line 429, but my version of tweenlight is different from the official in one line where it checks whether the target is null in the constructor.)


i added a try catch to output _ease and target along with the error, and they were both null.

i added a variable called _targetName and in the constructor it changes to the name of the target it it has a name, or to "unnamed" if it doens't

when it threw the error in renderTime, _targetName was null


can you think of anything that would cause this?



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Nope, not really - maybe a corrupt Flash install?


Can you reproduce the problem in a separate (more simplified) FLA?

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