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Name the loader-ID when using LoaderMax.parse()

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Hi I need to give my loaders created from parsing an array a specific ID based on the file name.


I have done it but wanted to check that there wasn't a simpler (built in) way of doing it, as even though it works it seems a little long winded.


So I create a LoaderMax with an onChildOpenHandler:

var subLoadqueue : LoaderMax = LoaderMax.parse(anArrayOfURLS, {onChildOpen:childOpenHandler});


The handler gets the file location and then extracts just the file name using makeLoaderID(event) returns this name and sets it as the event.target.name.


private function childOpenHandler(event : LoaderEvent) : void {

if (event.target.name.toLocaleLowerCase().indexOf('loader') != -1) {	
               //this stops the renaming of any non automatically named loaders
		event.target.name = makeLoaderID(event);
		var $tempArray : Array = String(event.target).split(' ');


private function makeLoaderID(event : LoaderEvent) : String {
		var $tempArray : Array = String(event.target).split(' ');
		var loaderID : String = 'empty';
		if ($tempArray[2] != null) {
			var path : Array = $tempArray[2].split('/');
			loaderID = path[path.length - 1].substr(0, loaderID.lastIndexOf('.'));
		return loaderID;


So -FILELOCATION: (file:///e|/%7e%7ework/%7ecamelot/%7egames/newgames/asset_MC1.swf) gives me

loaderContent-ID: asset_MC1

which I can then use to retrieve content in the usual way (LoaderMax.getLoader('asset_MC1').rawContent)



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i don't know if there is a terribly easier way, but to make it a little simpler, instead of converting event.target to a string and trying to parse out the url you can grab the url directly:





I don't know if this is any better than re-naming the loaders, but you could also just store references to your loaders in your own associative array:


var  subLoaders:Array  = []


and then in onChildComplete (after pulling out the custom name) you could add the loader to the array:


subLoaders["parsedUrlID"] = event.target;


to access each loader you could use:




instead of




again I don't know if there is a huge advantage here other than not having to write LoaderMax.getLoader all the time OR if there is anything inherently wrong with renaming loaders (as you are doing).

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.




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