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videoLoader stops playing too early?

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Even though I know that Loadermax isn't actually made for it, I've build a videoplayer that works with RTMP streaming video, and so far so good. It all finally seems to work as expected, except for one problem...


The videos all stop too soon! The onComplete event is triggered about 6-9 seconds before the video is actually finished :S I've even tried omitting the onComplete listener, and 'just' used the "NetStream.Play.Stop" from the NetStatusEvent class, and the same thing happens.


When I just build a player without any controls or any Loadermax, it finished the playback completely, so it must something within the onComplete event. Anybody have experience in this direction?


I'm running out of time, so that's why I had to continue with my VideoLoader player which I had finished with all controls and everything. Would take me forever to start all over with Adobes bug-ridden classes :-S


I have a source file for you to look at, but would rather not put it up here untill needed ;-)

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Feel free to PM or e-mail stuff to me, but I must warn you that I'm beyond swamped right now and I really can't support RTMP functionality in VideoLoader, so this isn't a support request I can prioritize right now. No offense - I generally work VERY hard to make sure everyone's questions are answered and if I can add a feature to help someone that makes sense for other users too, I do it. But I'm literally falling asleep at my keyboard almost every night lately from working so much and I need to set some boundaries :) RTMP is a whole different beast that would take quite some time for me to fully wrap my head around, test, isolate inconsistencies in Adobe's implementations, and offer support for in LoaderMax/VideoLoader. I wish I had a quick/easy answer for you.

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