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VideoLoader: Jump ahead of loadBar?

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I'm building a videoplayer and so far everything looks good and works a treat! Great system...


My problem is now that I want to have 9 'chapters' in the same video, which is about 4.20 minutes long. The chapters are represented by buttons below, and clicking them activates a 'gotoVideoTime' event. This only works if the 'goto' time isn't ahead of the actual loading, and as the video is rather long and heavy (aprox 41 mb), it's pretty obvious that sometimes the gotoVideoTime hasn't been downloaded when the button is clicked.


What happens is, that the playhead will just go to the nearest downloaded part. What I want is the functionality like Youtube player, so that downloading will restart from the desired gotoVideoTime, showing a preloader or whatever untill it's ready to play that part of the video.


Is this at all possible with the LoaderMax system? I've tried all kinds of workarounds, but haven't been able to find the solution yet, so any pointer in the right direction would be a BIG help ;-)



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What you're describing is RTMP video playback which requires special server-side software and it is NOT a normal progressive file download solution. LoaderMax/VideoLoader is made for progressive downloads (that's kinda fundamental to the system - it helps get assets into the browser cache and keeps track of a queue of downloads and their overall progress whereas a true streaming RTMP uses a very different paradigm). YouTube uses high-end server-side software integration with the Flash Player to accomplish that behavior where you can skip around, flushing the cache and starting anew at the clicked position. I wish I had better news for you. Maybe check out Flash Media Server.

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No prob!


I came to more or less that conclusion late last night after Googling heavily for several hours ;-) But very nice to get a 'confirmation' on the subject from you...


So far I've made a chunky half-breed workaround. I've managed to force the playhead ahead of the loadbar, and then display a preloader until the loadbar (and the actual loading) catch up with the desired position. The preloader then dissappear, and playing continues... means there may be some serious waiting times, but at least the 'chapter' feature now works... sort of! ;-)


Thanks for the reply :D

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