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.from/.to in ls not tweening.

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hi, I am trying to execute a simple tween on all corners of my liquidstage. I have four boxes (box1 ,box2, box3, box4)in each corner with a tweenlite.from tween that makes them slide from off stage to their location. the tween works when publishing in gaia but once I open up my html.index file on my browser the boxes tween only inside the 800x400 area, not the whole page. I also removed my tweens n left the pinpoints and surely does work within the whole page. my question is, has anyody done a tweenlite.from or .to with the liquidstage and pinpoints?

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ah yes that solves half of my problem, now when i resize the boxes dont stay "attached" like as if they should on the regular ls.attach(); method. what am I missing?=/

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I'm not sure - it's very tough to troubleshoot without seeing any code or a sample FLA that I can publish and see exactly what's going on. If you're still having trouble, please post a very simple FLA that demonstrates the problem (don't post the GreenSock classes - just your FLA).

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Unfortunately I don't really know much about Gaia and I'm still not quite sure what the nature of the problem here is - your file had 2 boxes, but your post mentioned 4. I'm not sure what to tell you - I had to do a bunch of tweaks to your files just to get it to publish. If you still need help, please provide a much more detailed description and a set of files that can easily be published and demonstrate the issue. I wonder if you're just not embedding the swf into your HTML page correctly, such that it fills the entire browser window. You didn't include your HTML wrapper either, so I'm rather limited in my ability to understand and isolate the issue.

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