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(horizontal or vertical) lockposition ?

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hi all,

Is it possible to lock only the horizontal(or vertical) position?



best regards...

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You could use event handlers to do something like that. For example, to limit movements to up-and-down (vertical):


var item:TransformItem = myManager.getItem(mc);
myManager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.START_INTERACTIVE_MOVE, startMoveHandler);
var startX:Number;
function startMoveHandler(event:TransformEvent):void {
startX = item.x;
myManager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.MOVE, moveHandler);
function moveHandler(event:TransformEvent):void {
if (item.x != startX) {
	item.x = startX;

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thanks Jack :)


Is it possible make objects snap to a grid ?

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No "snap to grid" functionality is built into the current version of TransformManager, no. But you can certainly build that feature yourself.

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To do that is very simple. Just follow the procedure provided by the system, then you should get going with the lock position of the horizontal. I dont really know of the vertical.

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