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LoaderMax Error #2032

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Hi All,


I'm having an issue with loading the SWFs with LoaderMax once I upload them to my HTTP server and try to view it via the HTML file.



  • When I Test compile shell.fla in the Flash CS5

  • Works when I directly access the shell via



  • When I try to access the index.html file that loads VignetteFramework.swf


I setup a debug textbox to capture an errors thrown by the loader when on the server, and it comes up with this:

ERROR: SWFLoader 'loader21' (v21.swf): SWFLoader 'loader21' (v21.swf) > Error #2032


That is the last file that is appended to the loader. So I tried just removing it, recompiling, then uploading to the server. It through the error again, but with the new last file:

ERROR: SWFLoader 'loader20' (v20.swf): SWFLoader 'loader20' (v21.swf) > Error #2032


It seems be having issues loading all the files when I try to view it via the HTML file.


I've even tried prependURLs with a direct HTTP link on my server. No luck. Then I was thinking, perhaps a security issue, so I changed my Local Playback Security. No Luck.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.




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OK... I found out the issue! I had my index.html pointing to my flash file in swf/VignetteFramework.swf and all of my other files where in here as well.


SO... I moved all the SWFs to the same folder as the index.html file, and poof... magically it works. Not organized the way I really would like it in neat separate folder, but at least it works.


Hope this helps others that run into the same issue.



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