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gsCacheBuster problem on Domino query string

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I am using loadermax to load assets into a flash site, and normally this is fine... however...

my client has re-situated the site to a domino/notes server and a problem has come up with gsCacheBuster.


from what I can make out, on a domino query string the first parameter can be a single word command (aka action) rather than a typical Key-Value-Pair.

so where a loadermax asset url ordinarily would be ...path/file.xml

on domino it might be changed to read ...path/file.xml?open

(then adding KVPs like: ?open&key=value&var=val)


the fact that there is now a ? in the url is turning on gsCacheBuster which in turn rewrites "?open" to "?gsCacheBuster=num&open="


1. should you be adding the gsCacheBuster at the end of any existing query string rather than at the beginning?

2. the command "open" now has an "=" added attempting to make it a KVP.


i.e. do not rewrite the query just append it.


unfortunately I know virtually nothing about domino and do not have access to the server to check anything there anyway,

so apologies in advance if missing something here!

if this is not something to address in loadermax please do point me in the right direction.


more on domino query commands here:

http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus ... eat_sheet/


many thanks

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Have you tried setting allowMalformedURL:true on your loader(s)?

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quick reply as it could take some time to get this up to the domino server to test, but that does sound like exactly what I was missing.

Many thanks :D

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