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tweenmax combos

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Glad to hear you got the other bits sorted!


The bike thing does sound like a timing issue and something you'll have to work out with a bit of trial and error.

I tried opening your file but I get an "Unexpected File Format" Error. I have Flash CS4, what version is your FLA saved to?



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I use flash CS5 so it prob saved it in that format, I will post my updated FLA in CS4 format when i get home from work

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Sorry it took me a day to post new FLA, this is saved in CS4 format, Reason for delay got new vid card for PC :mrgreen:

got most of it done with exception of getting those timings down between bike and text and then of course the rince and repeat function.

Hope to get it done this weekend as only a week left for xmas :D

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Well I finished my Xmas animation, I think it came out OK for first time playin with greensock, Alot of trial and error here LOL,

I just wanted to thank Carl andX10 for their help

I am posting my finished FLA if anyone wants to check it out, Its in CS4 format


Merry Christmas to all,

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very good! glad you got it working. that's a cool lookin Santa.


Merry Christmas



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