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Finally got my home page & promo site up...

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Jack and friends -


I just want to thank GreenSock. I've done some dozen projects over the last couple years.

They all use max/lite/timeline for parts of every one.


I finally got up my new home page (first revamp in 10 years). I always push the limits

of software. On my 3ghz (w/9400GT card) it runs ok, but anything slower than that is

not great, but that's ok. I built my new web site for things going forward.




Thank you very much. I'm a big fan of your product and especially your support.



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Glad to hear it, Vic. Congrats on the launch.

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Thanks again Jack for your good product and your great support.



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I'm very happy for your great project. As I am a student of master of physics, final semester, and I'm going to seek admission in phd program. As you know that a lot of research and software are often needed during this study program, so I am very glad to hear and visiting your new project launch. You are offering a wide range of applications to software its really good.



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