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add includeNested option to prependURLs for loaders in xml?

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Looking at the source code for XMLoader, it doesn't appear you can use the includeNested option with prependURLs for loaders defined in xml - includeNested is always false. Would it be easy to allow includeNested to be defined in the xml also? It would be very useful. For example, I have a hierarchy of folders containing various different resources I need to load. I'm defining the loaders I need in an xml file. It would be nice if my xml file could mirror the folder structure that contains my resources, like:




As things stand, I have to specify the full path to the deepest subfolder in each deepest-nested LoaderMax node.


I assume the "load" attribute applies to nested loaders - I assume because the outermost node has load="false", none of the inner loaders will load. Similarly, you might add an attribute "nestPrependURLs", which itself applies to nested loaders. Then the first line of the above xml becomes:


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To clarify, in the absence of nestPrependURLs or the like, the xml has to be:




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Well, it's not a terrible idea, but I'm hesitant to add this sort of feature because:


1) It seems like it would be so rarely used (you're the first person to ever request it)

2) It bloats the API and file size slightly

3) If I made this addition to prependURLs, I'd also need to make it to replaceURLText for consistency, so the API/size bloat doubles.

4) You can already accomplish what you're after with the current API, but it just requires a little more text. It doesn't seem like a huge price to pay for this edge case, but adding the feature would impose a few negative consequences to everyone even if they don't use that feature.


See what I mean? If I got a lot more people asking for this, I'd reconsider but at this point I'm very hesitant. Again, that doesn't mean it's a bad idea at all. I can totally see why you'd request it. I hope you understand why I'm so protective of the API and file size. Things can get out of hand quickly if I add every convenience feature that people request.

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I'm absolutely in favor of having a way to next prependURLs.

Currently my structure looks like this:


There are instances where I need to load individual items as well as entire groups. I never plan to load every item and every group at once but was planning to use the outer most LoaderMax as a way for the client to easily alter the main path for all of the swfs (which there may end up being quite a large number of). Being able to nest prependURLs would be nice. Not a "must have" but definitely convenient.

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