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SWFLoader load="false"

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Sorry for the barrage of questions lately!


I have one more that I'm hoping someone can answer.


Im using XMLLoader to read in an XML file that has 10 SWFLoaders.

On the childComplete I store the name of the loader into an array, and go ahead an play them later as needed.


I have run into a situation where I may not want to load off the swfs upfront. Easy enough - i set the load flag to load="false" - however b/c they now dont load - the childComplete event never fires for those loaders.

Is there an easy way I can get the loader names that have not loaded ? I was hoping for some event like onChildOpen but all the child events only seem to hit when that load flag is set to true.


Thanks for any help you can offer.


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I knew I would eventually get it...Here it is just incase anyone else was wondering the same thing.

In the onInit event (At this point the XML is loaded) I just did a loop thru event.target.getChildren() to get each loader name. (check the vars object to see if the load flag is on or off).

I can then load the unloaded ones later if needed.

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