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tweening the starling framework

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Hi Jack,

maybe you already know about the awesome starling framework



i'm wondering if there is any kind of possibility to have, in the future, a version of the tweening platform tuned for those APIs...

Do you have any plans about it?




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Sure, I've heard of Starling. And the GreenSock tweening platform should work great with it. Was there something specific you think needs to be changed/tweaked/enhanced? Folks are already using them together with great success from what I hear.

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Hello Jack.

I am sorry :)


I wrote "tweening platform" referencing your whole library, my fault.

My question is about LiquidStage / LiquidArea.... i haven't tried it anymore... but since, for example LiquidStage wants a flash.display.Stage parameter in his constructor i'm wondering isn't suitable with starling... maybe i am wrong?


Thank you again and sorry for the mistake

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Thanks for clarifying. I'm really not sure if Starling has requirements that wouldn't work with LiquidStage - I haven't done any testing there yet, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has. Like I said, there's no doubt that the tweening platform works there, but LiquidStage works with DisplayObjects on the stage, so if Starling can't accommodate that, it very well may not work.

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Hi there,


When I stumbled upon liquidstage - I got very excited! Then, I got sad when I read this forum post.  You're right - although Starling does share the same concepts of DisplayObjects like they exist on the stage, they are a totally different implementation, and thus it won't work.


Starling allows for Actionscript get amazing performance on mobile devices, and is becoming the defacto standard library to use for flash gaming because of this. If you can port it to work with Starling, there's a huge market there, especially with all the hundreds of different resolutions that game developers need to deal with on mobile devices. LiquidStage would make all that UI layout a breeze.



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Very fair point(s) - we'll certainly keep that in mind. We've got TONS of things that we're eager to code. I just wish there were more hours in the day :)

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