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Cannot Traverse XML Loaded Via XMLLoader

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I've got a really weird problem: I have XML that's getting loaded via XMLLoader. When I assign it to an XML object, I can not access any of the nodes inside it. Here's the code:


// XML (inside an external file)

var myLoader:XMLLoader = new XMLLoader(_settings.loadDataURL, {name:"loadData", onComplete:onLoadData, onError:onLoaderError});

private function onLoadData(e:LoaderEvent):void
var _dataXML:XML = e.target.content;
trace(_dataXML); // Outputs the correct XML
trace(_dataXML.angle[0]); // Outputs "undefined"
trace(_dataXML.children()); // Outputs both of the angle nodes correctly
trace(_dataXML.angle.length()); // Outputs 0


So although the XML data is getting loaded, and it's getting added to _dataXML, but whenever I try to access anything directly inside _dataXML, Flash thinks it doesn't exist. WTF? I feel like I'm missing something obvious but I've been banging my head against this for hours. Any ideas why this would be happening?


Thanks in advance,


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Looks like the problem is that you've got an xmlns attribute defined. Remove that and you're golden.

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Wow - it's always the simplest thing that causes the biggest problems.


Thanks much!!

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