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haXe love

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is the Greensock team working on porting their wonderful library to haXe? That would be awesome!!!



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Not currently, no, but that might happen eventually. I have received several requests. I'm not a haXe guy [yet] though.

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Nope, sorry - we're focused on JavaScript and ActionScript at this point and are really excited about what's happening there. Thanks for checking.

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Gotcha, fully appreciate the work!


I'm new to the concept of haXe, and haven't made the leap into it yet, but is the idea that with it I could compile to either swf or javascript, while also compiling for windows / mac / andriod / ios etc without re-writing anything?


I don't have a pressing need to do that exactly, but it sure sounds great. Especially if I can carry over all my tweening platform experience... Maybe a good first dip would be porting over some of the absolute basics in tweencore, if I can possibly figure it out! :-P

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I've never used haXe so I couldn't tell you for sure if your understanding is correct. The thing that worries me a bit about cross-compilation tools like that is that sometimes they don't do the best job of optimizing for the particular platform and/or the API gets complicated because of the inconsistencies in the various platforms. For example, some things exist in Flash that are impossible in JS. Some things in JS don't exist in Flash. So I'm not sure how haXe would accommodate either situation. Again, I'm not trying to knock haXe at all, especially because I have never used it and don't fully understand the value proposition.


My personal recommendation would be to learn both JS and AS (well, you already know AS, so just learn JS) so that you can effectively leverage their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, GSAP is available in both with pretty much an identical syntax, so that should make it easier for you :)


Let us know how your journey goes.


Happy tweening!

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Hmmm... just wondering if someone's written an implementation to use the TweenLite library from within HaXe. I think that can easily be done - the code will still be in javascript but you get the code completion and easy access to TweenLite from HaXe. It's been done for jQuery, CreateJS, etc. If I'm coding in AS3 I would just use actionscript, since that's a pretty mature language. Javascript on the other hand is not a great OOP language, that's why I use HaXe so I can organize my code into classes with inheritance, have variable types, etc.

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I'm not sure where the proper place to request a Haxe port would be, but I'm very interested. What would it take to make that happen?

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Thanks for the question and your interest.

Due to high demand and our available resources, all of our focus is on the JavaScript API.

We just don't have the time to maintain and support another layer.


Perhaps you can work with Prass or fork what he has started.


Again, we appreciate the request, we are just super slammed at the moment and have mountain of priorities and features to work on.




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