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Custom Ease Builder problem / bug

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It seems that the Custom Ease Builder is kind of buggy.

When I was trying to reproduce earlier settings by adding points and dragging until the values corresponded to my earlier values, I found out that the horizontal position of the Bezier points is irrelevant. The generated code is EXACTLY the same, even if the horizontal position of the points is totally different.


Here are some screenshots:



You can see the generated code is the same but the shape of the curve is not...


So the builder is essentially useless to me in its current state. Which is a shame since I just bought a $50 club greensock membership for this feature...





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I'm so sorry to hear about your disappointment. I just issued a full refund for your membership - your satisfaction is of paramount importance.


As for CustomEase, it is a bit of a tricky thing because it must interpret the points in a way that doesn't allow time to go backwards (the horizontal axis relates to the time and since the tween's time consistently marches forward, points that are staggered backwards would create an impossible scenario). See what I mean? Therefore, CustomEase uses the horizontal position of the points only for determining their sequence. I can totally see why you'd think it should work differently, though, and I do plan on revisiting the tool as soon as I can to make some enhancements (I have a few other projects on my plate at the moment, but this is on the list). Again, my apologies for the disappointment. The refund has been issued.


Is there a particular effect you're going for that maybe I could help with? Maybe I could write an ease for you or give you some direction about how to accomplish the effect you're after.

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Thanks for your quick response. Refunding was very kind of you. (Might not be necessary. If I can get what I want out of the CustomEase I will still gladly pay.)

How does the CustomEase exactly use the Bezier points? Is the duration of the tween just divided into equal chunks (where each chunk takes 1/Nth of the duration for N+1 points) and does the tween reach the value for the point at the end of the chunk?

If so, the builder could easily be mended. In the builder, just constrain the movement of the points to vertical movement and automatically place the points on their fixed horizontal position.

As things stand now, I don't get the feel of what happens in the CustomEase.

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Yes, the points essentially get interpreted equidistantly across the horizontal axis. However, I don't think it's an easy/simple tweak to make it behave differently. There are some performance reasons I made it work that way too. Like I said, I plan to rework the tool as soon as I get some time (CustomEase is several years old) but unfortunately I'm beyond swamped right now. If you want to take a crack at editing the class to make some improvements and send it my way, I'd gladly look it over. In the mean time, is there a particular effect I can help you accomplish?

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