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2D animation exported to video using TweenMax

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So this should be interesting. I'm basically created a stick figure animation thats a minute and half long. Basic with blinking eyes, sliding in and out with easing with a voice over.


My question is can I do this in tweenmax and then export it to a video codec such as avi or quicktime that then can eventually be edited further in after effects then to a dvd?


Can actionscript be exported to a video?


I'm good in after effects but am weighing my options as to what is the best solution for this project.

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As far as I know, you can't even export a running SWF to a video. But what you want to do is perfectly achievable.


What you need to do is use FRAPS or Camtasia to capture the screen. In Camtasia, you should turn off any video compression routines so that it captures the stuff at highest quality.


After that, you can play with it all you want, wherever you want ::- ). FRAPS is free but with limitations. I'm sure you could find some other free screen capturing tool if you search well enough.

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Erm .. I'm pretty sure Flash CS5 does a good job of exporting coded animations now?

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