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CirclePath2D - dynamically adding/remove?

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Is there a simple way to add/remove elements from a CirclePath2D motion path to dynamically increase/decrease the movie clips on the path?


I'd basically like only a quarter of the circle visible, which is populated by an array of movie clips - 3-4 would be on-screen at any time, when they go off-screen the next object is placed at the beginning, etc.


I've thrown together a basic demo, which is adding the elements to the circle, which goes back/forth as I'd like - but what I need is the ability to support an array of about 30 of these movie clips, with them being added/removed as they hit the borders of that white line.


Any tips? I've spent a few hours on it and have not been able to solve it.


fla: http://db.tt/2VDygRQ

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Sorry for the delayed response - I was traveling all last week.


Anyway, it sounds like you're just trying to tween objects between 0 and 0.25 progress on the CirclePath2D, right? (or maybe between 0.25 and 0.5 or whatever). I wasn't able to download your file because it looks like you deleted it (feel free to post it again so I can review it). In any case, you should be able to just create a PathFollower for each object and then tween its progress value however you please. Make sense?

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No worries -


Got everything working!


Love greensock!

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