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Perfect bezier joining

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I have several entry points onto a main bezier looping pathway, when they join it, they will continue to loop around (until they break off, which is other code, but what I need to get working perfectly now is the looping of the main loop).


Any ideas on how to solve the "jump" when it loops? I'm talking about the time and rotation issue when it loops. I've read that UpdateTo is what I want to use, but have tried various uses of it and have not found a solution!


Check out the fla (codes on the timeline): http://db.tt/VGJ44KL

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Is this task simply not doable, or too hard?


Is there a work around?

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I can't open your fla (cs5.5), but if i remember correctly from your previous post it was quite difficult to work out.

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I don't have time to research this fully right now but one idea off the top of my head (which may or may not solve your issue) is to create a tween with an extra bezier point at the end (that ensures that the orientation is what you want at the 2nd-to-last point) and pause() that tween. Then use another tween to tween that tween's currentTime or progress property so that it never reaches that last point - it acts like it finishes at the 2nd-to-last point on the bezier. So if you have 6 points on the original bezier, you'd put a 7th in there (like it is continuing on in the direction you want to go) and then tween from progress 0 to 6/7 (0.85714). Feel free to loop that tween or whatever. And don't forget to set the ease of that tween to Linear.easeNone. Again, the concept is to tween a tween.

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