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VideoLoader.VIDEO_PLAY fired twice

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Hi there,


when doing





the VideoLoader.VIDEO_PLAY event is fired twice. Once immediately after the play function is triggered and once after the Netstatus-Event is received. I found this when I was looking for an event to check when the video is actually playing...


Sorry for not having had more time to debug it more precisely, maybe I'll get to it tomorrow


But again, thanks for all your work!

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this is just a guess, but do you have autoPlay specifically set to false?

if not, it defaults to true. so perhaps the video is playing prior to playVideo() being called.


if that is not the reason, could you please provide some of the code you are using to create videoLoader and cause playVideo to be fired so that someone might be able to give you better instruction?





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Aha, I see the problem. It would only occur if you had autoPlay:false initially and then you call load() and playVideo() immediately. It should be fixed in the latest version of VideoLoader/LoaderMax. http://www.greensock.com/loadermax/

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