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Mp3Loader; Making a Perfect Loop

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So we all know that making a seamless loop with an mp3 can be a pain. If I understand correctly it is nearly impossible to get a seamless loop using an mp3. You always end up with a gap at the end.


So that brings me to the LoaderMax MP3Loader. It has the option to do repeat:-1, but that still has the gap in the end.


Does anyone know if there is a way to get a seamless looping sound loaded into flash with the convenience of and stability of LoaderMax. For example is there another method for loading in a sound (maybe an AIF, or raw bytes) with LoaderMax that will allow a seamless loop with repeat:-1?

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Make sure your MP3 doesn't have a gap at the end with a little silence. And yeah, it's tough to get a PERFECT gapless loop in Flash, but as long as you're publishing to Flash Player 10 you could use a technique Andre describes here: http://blog.andre-michelle.com/2010/pla ... p-gapless/. You could use LoaderMax's DataLoader (format:"binary") to load the file and feed it as a ByteArray to wherever you want.

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Its easy, imagine your sound has four parts A,B,C,D. So you'll need the sound to perform twice measures like A,B,C,D-A,B,C,D. Let's imagine that each measure takes 10 seconds so the total time is 20 seconds.

Then in your code:

//add a playback method to follow playhead 
yourSound.addEventListener(MP3Loader.PLAY_PROGRESS, onProgress);

function onProgress (e:LoaderEvent) 
if (e.currentTarget.soundTime >= 11) //just after one second of the first measure, take playhead to one second after the beginning of your sound (in my case I have to use .95 to match perfectly)
DKK.gotoSoundTime(.95, true);

there you have a gapless sound using .mp3

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Hey Fredy,


I tried your method and it works great but just wondering, whether checking progress over and again causes any overheads? or it it ok...?




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