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Attempting to recreate "engergetic waves" with GreenSock!

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I hoping to accomplish this effect ( http://activeden.net/item/energetic-background-waves/92553 ) in a new ad campaign we are working on and was wondering if a similar effect would be possible with GS? I can't think of a way to achieve it. The reason being is the swf above takes CPU usage to 100%, the GS banners we produce stay at around 10%!


Any ideas? Thanks

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that effect is really pretty cool.


It is most likely created by continually repositioning many objects and applying a number of filters with variable settings.


There is nothing really in greensock that is going to create that effect "out of the box". GreenSock tweens could very likely be used to complement an effect like that.


you could try messing with staggering a bunch of small circles through a bezierThrough tween with some fancy glowFilter settings.


Its still going to take someone quite a bit of work to do that.


I'd say the $25 price would be well worth it.


Even if you used greensock, i'd imagine the continuous filter effects are going to contribute to some relatively heavy cpu usage.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah we have purchased the .fla from the site and code is pretty straight forward. If a GreenSock version is going to utilise the CPU as much then there is little point recreating it.

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