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Audio Stop?

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Hi All,


I was curious if there was some sort of stop command within LoaderMax? I'm building a mobile MP3 player and it loads fine every time the player launches, but the issue is caused when I hit the Play/Pause button. It works right the first time... playing & pausing. Next time I load it, and hit the Play/Pause button I get, "ArgumentError: Error #2068: Invalid sound."


I have unload and dispose being called during my closeFunction, but I don't think it is working.


When I click the menu item it autoPlays just fine. When I close it stops. Then I click on a different menu item, it loads and plays fine. I'm just having issues with the silly Play/Pause button. :?




//This is the data for my scrollable menu as well as the associated audio.
draggableList.dataProvider = [
			{id: "1", title: "Introduction", audio: "http://mydomain.com/00.mp3", description: "Introduction"},
			{id: "2", title: "Chapter 1",  audio: "http://mydomain.com/01qa.mp3", description: "Chapter 1"},
			{id: "3", title: "Chapter 1", audio: "http://mydomain.com/01.mp3", description: "Practice"},

var o:Object = draggableList.selectedItem;

var sound:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader(o.audio, {name:"audio", autoPlay:true});

playPauseBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playPauseFunction);
closeBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, closeFunction);

function playPauseFunction(event:MouseEvent):void {
sound.soundPaused = !sound.soundPaused;
function closeFunction(event:MouseEvent):void {

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Hi Donald,


I don't see any code that would illustrate how the "re-load" happens.


I would think to re-load the sound after you have disposed and unloaded it, you would have to re-declare a NEW sound.


I was expecting to see an eventListener of some type on your draggableList that would update what sound is every time a new item was selected.


from what I'm seeing I can only guess this is not happening. once you dispose sound, it no longer exists, so playing it isn't going to work.


make sense?

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