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XMLLoader integrateProgress

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Hi Jack,


is there a way to stop XMLLoader automatically creating loaders from LoaderMax nodes in the XML?

I had thought integrateProgress:false would do this, but not so.


if i'm not missing something can i make a feature request to add something like:

autoParse:Boolean=true to XMLLoader

(default true for backward compatible)?


many thanks


brief example if it helps:


XML (part of):


_configLoader = new XMLLoader(_configURL, {integrateProgress:false, onComplete:configLoadComplete});

function configLoadComplete(e:LoaderEvent):void{
  //unexpectedly the SWFloader has been created, though the load was not started, so its just an empty loader.

//as the SWFLoader has been created but not loaded
//we can't do something like this later on if/when required:
if( ! LoaderMax.getLoader('font.swf') ){
  //go get it
  //use the file in LoaderMax

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Sure, just use a DataLoader instead of XMLLoader if you don't want the fancy auto-parsing capabilities of XMLLoader. Then make the content into XML like:


var xml:XML = new XML(myDataLoader.content);

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actually that makes perfect sense now you point it out, maybe worth adding a small note on this to the XMLLoader documentation.

I think anyone loading XML will automatically look at using XMLLoader without considering if that is the correct class for the job.

thanks again

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