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Problems with lockPosition and x,y coordinates.

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Hi All,

With lockPosition set to true (along with lockRotation) and a few others, the handles at the right (center) and bottom(centre/right) behave as expected.

However, the handles at the top and left are still active. i.e using them you can change the height and width (as thou lockPosition was false).

This means that the objects x,y co-ordinates have now changed...

Is there some way to stop this happening?

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I see what you're saying, but it would be pretty strange if the user could resize with some handles but not others. If lockPosition is true, it'll just prevent the object from being dragged/moved. But as you saw, if you allow scaling, it can technically allow the registration point's position to change but I wouldn't consider that a bug by any means. After all, what if the registration point is in the lower right or center or 10 pixels offset from a corner or something - allowing scaling would still technically allow that registration point to move. Same for if rotation is allowed - that could shift the registration point too. So if you want to completely disallow the registration point from shifting at all, you need to set lockPosition, lockScale, and lockRotation to true.

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