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Is it possible to transform 1 part of a multi mc movieclip

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Hi all,

Imagine you had a movieclip (lets call it mc) which has 3 other movieclips contained within it (lets call them AA, BB and CC).

Is it possible to transform the movieclip (mc), where CC changes, but AA and BB remain at their original size/scale. For example, CC could be a background shape, whereas AA and BB are text fields within their own movieclips.


Essentially, i want the shape to scale but leave the text alone. Is that possible?



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If Im understanding you correctly. Have you tried using "mc.CC" and changing what you want.


for instance:

TweenMax.to(mc.CC, 1, {rotate=20});


This should rotate just the CC movieclip contained inside of mc movieclip.

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Hi Bull,

Thanks for the info.

In the end, i gave up this path and decided to split the background clip from the text clip(which i place above the background).

I now listen for changes in scale/position etc of the background clip and then move the text movieclip (i.e x,y) to follow the background.

Its a bit of a hack, loads more listeners and code, but oh well....

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