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[MP3Loader] Tween volume

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I want to tween volume of loaded mp3 via LoaderMax.



aQueue.append( new MP3Loader(audioPaths[4], {name:"mymusic", repeat:-1, volume:0, autoPlay:true}) );

everything is ok here



This code doesn't work [mp3 is loaded]

TweenMax.to(aQueue.getContent('mymusic'), 1, {volume:1, ease:Linear.easeNone});



Please help!

Thank you

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If the volume is not tweening, have you made sure to include the line:


Other than that suggestion I'll have to leave it to someone more familiar with LoaderMax.


* Edit: Just realised that volume is activated by default for TweenMax. Ignore me...

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An MP3Loader's "content" is a Sound object which doesn't have a "volume" property. But the MP3Loader itself does, so it should be as simple as TweenMax.to(aQueue.getLoader('mymusic'), 1, {volume:1, ease:Linear.easeNone});

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