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MP3Loader, after SOUND_COMPLETE how to playSound() again??

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Ye, people, Dis a Great API to play with, just haff som choble!


1-I want to load an MP3

2-After Loaded I wanna play it with looping turned off (because i couldnt make it fire the SOUND_COMPLETE event if repeat: -1)

3-I want to hear when the loop ends and fire an event to trace a message (to make som more stuff later)

4-if the user has not made any choice, the loop starts again and repeat steps 2, 3, 4 until something happen


BUT I CANTGET THE SOUND TO playSound() again!!!!


so heres my code:


(dis is just som draft of what i want!)


import com.greensock.*;
import com.greensock.loading.*;
import com.greensock.events.LoaderEvent;

var piano:MP3Loader=new MP3Loader("piano_loop.mp3",{name:"piano",autoPlay:false,repeat:0});
// i will add som line here later, so the sound only plays when finished loading... dis is just a desktop test

//up to dis point it sounds normally

function pianoCompleteHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void
// YES!, the event fires as expected
// by the way the event does not fire if ----> repeat:-1

trace("piano complete loop!")

// WHY doesnt it play again?? with dis line????



Where am I wrong... or maybe is there som any other way of doing it?


any help is greatly appreciated



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ohhh i just relized how to do dat!!!


i didnt have to playSound();


i had to gotoSoundTime(0,false)!!!


becase the play time ended and i had to reset the time




i love this entire API everything is just so perfect!!! :D


i will donate soon :D :D

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thank you for taking the time to post your solution. it could be very helpful to people searching in the future.


Glad you figured it out. have fun with LoaderMax

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Man but I stll have a little issue, when the loop ends, re initializes it has som delay, any idea of how to avoid that delay and hear the loops continually?

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You can set the number of times to repeat the sound using the "repeat" special property in the vars parameter. For example, to repeat the MP3 twice, do this:


var audio:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader("audio.mp3", {autoPlay:true, repeat:2});


Otherwise, to do it manually, you could use the rawContent (which is the Sound object) and define the value via the play() method, like:


myMP3Loader.rawContent.play(0, 2);

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