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TimelineMax slider example? anyone?

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I want to make an animation something like flagship GreenSock Tweening Platform 11 demo found on the http://www.greensock.com/ homepage.


The video like playhead. I specifically want to be able to use a slider to play/rewind/scan the animation from start to finish like it's done there. It's so smooth.


Can anyone provide a working example? What would it take to get the source from that very video ?




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Hi HaunGo,

Before anyone else jumps in and provides a working example, I will just say that the source to the intro flash found on the homepage is part of the Club Greensock Shockingly Green membership.

I'll let others with more knowledge point you in the direction of a slider example.



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Hello again HaunGo,

I just did a quick search on the Greensock forums and found this thread which should help you get started: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1723


Also, I put together a little tutorial file for you (attached to this post), it's commented so you can see what bits are what, it's very very simple and doesn't have all the stuff the Greensock homepage intro has, but I hope this will help you get started.



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Yep, nice job X10.


As mentioned, anyone with a "Shockingly Green" or corporate Club GreenSock membership can request the source files for the home page animation and I'll send 'em out promptly. It even comes with a simple little 3D plugin I wrote quickly for that project.

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Excellent! Very Many Thanks X10,


The example is great basic starting point..


I see that my subscription has expired. When I get this new contract signed I'll re-up!


Even though I don't have Green in my wallet, I sure do have Green in my heart.. and my on my feet. ;]




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Hi HaunGo, hope you find it useful.

I just updated the file to include some more functionality of the timeline coupled with the slider.


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