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Problem with some Tweens of external swf

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Sorry for my poor english.


I load an external SWF that's contains a microsite (like sliderMicroSite Greensock but more simple). This microsite has some alpha tweens goes correctly, but also has a rotationX tween that's not works.


What's happens?


singlelines.insert(TweenLite.to(mercatPa, 1, { rotationX:90, alpha:0} ), 6)

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Hi lluc666,

What version of Flash Player are you publishing to?


My understanding is that rotationX/Y/Z are only available in Flash Player 10.

Hope this helps, if not perhaps someone with more knowledge than me can help.



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that's an excellent suggestion X10 and thanks for jumping in to help! From the amount of code provided that is the best place to start.

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You were right!!!


The main SWF was in FP 9. I reused it from an example...


A lot of thanks!!

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