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Hey Jack, thanks for all you help in the past. but of course I still have issues. I am trying to bring in a swf from another folder that contains the SlideshowExample you create (its tweaked to fit my needs). All works seperatly, meaning when i test the seminole_photos1.fla it works just fine. When i test the fr_seminole.fla it works fine except when i click on the first photo icon to pull in that seminole_photos1.swf into fr_seminole.swf. I hope that makes sense. I am wondering if the folder structure is all out of wack. Not sure why the pictures one show up.


this is the error i get when clicking on that first photo icon

Loading error on XMLLoader 'loader0' (assets/data.xml): Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: file:///C|/Users/keith/Documents/Websites/atvRedneckNationals/flash/test/photos/assets/data.xml

i have tried every folder structure i can think and it still cant get any images to show


here is a link to a scaled down fla folder package...



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You're using relative paths, and relative paths are always in relation to the root swf's location (well, with the exception of NetStreams). That's just a Flash thing and has nothing to do with LoaderMax.


So if you're subloading seminole_photos1.swf into fr_seminole.swf, you need to define your paths in seminole_photos1.swf as though they're from fr_seminole.swf.


Another option is to use absolute paths (begin with http://) or define alternateURL for every loader.


Does that help?

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