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LoaderMax.getContent() Not Working! but getLoader() is?

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I have a very straight forward application of LoaderMax setup where I'm loading only 1 swf. (I will be adding more swf's to the queue and that's why I'm using LoaderMax and not just the individual SWFLoader).


Problem: After a successful, complete load, LoaderMax.getContent("name"); returns null? (very frustrating)


Weirdness: HOWEVER!, in the same instance, LoaderMax.getLoader("name").rawContent; returns exactly the swf root as expected (so this is how I got it to work).


Question: What's going on? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


THANKS (and code below),



var illusionsPrint:MovieClip;

function moduleLoader():void
var que:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"illusionsQue",onError:queError});
que.append(new SWFLoader("swf/illusions-print.swf",{name:"swfIllusionsPrint",estimatedBytes:725722,onProgress:printProgress,onComplete:printComplete}));

function printProgress(e:LoaderEvent):void
	trace("progress: " + e.target.progress);

function printComplete(e:LoaderEvent):void
	illusionsPrint = LoaderMax.getLoader("swfIllusionsPrint").rawContent;  // This works fine!
//            illusionsPrint = LoaderMax.getContent("swfIllusionsPrint") as MovieClip;  // This doesn't work -> returns null ?
	illusionsPrint.x = 490;
	illusionsPrint.y = 100;
	illusionsPrintReady = true;
	dispatchEvent(new Event("illusions_print_ready"));
	trace(e.target + " is complete!");

function queError(e:LoaderEvent):void
	trace("error occured with " + e.target + ": " + e.text);

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Nope, that's not a bug - the problem is that you're trying to cast a ContentDisplay Sprite to a MovieClip. You can't do that. Remember, a SWFLoader's, ImageLoader's, and VideoLoader's "content" is always a ContentDisplay Sprite which isn't a MovieClip. Whenever you cast illegally like that, Flash returns null.


BAD: LoaderMax.getContent("swfIllusionsPrint") as MovieClip;

GOOD: LoaderMax.getContent("swfIllusionsPrint") as ContentDisplay;


Or you can cast it as a Sprite. Or don't cast it at all. Of course you need to change the type of your illusionsPrint variable too. I wonder if maybe you meant to do LoaderMax.getLoader("swfIllusionsPrint").rawContent as MovieClip;

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Hi Greensock,


Thank you so kindly for replying. I understand what you are saying and have a follow-up question to make sure that I'm getting the paradigm:


So would this be correct, if what I am after is the "MovieClip(root)" of the loaded SWF: (?)


myMovieClip = LoaderMax.getContent("swfIllusionsPrint").rawContent as MovieClip; (?)


Thanks kindly!


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Yep, that should work (assuming the root is a MovieClip). Technically the root is a DisplayObject according to Adobe's docs, but in most cases it's also a MovieClip (depending on how you build your file).

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Hi i have the same problem but your solution is not working.


if i use

thisMC = LoaderMax.getContent(clips[index].name).rawContent as MovieClip; 

everytime the variable take the value null but if i use

var content:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent(clips[index].name);


the movie clip apear on the screen. The problem is that i need to access this like a movieClip.


if you have a solution on this please let me know. Thanks!


Somehow i resolved this. if i use for loading my movieclips from an xml file with XMLLoader is not working, but if i load with SWFLoader separately every movieclip from that xml file is working. in my opinion in XMLLoader is some bug. Because i tryied all the posibile way to take rawContent from the loader i tryied with LoaderMax.getLoader(clips[index].name).rawContent and the same rawContent was null.

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pls post simplified files that illustrates the issue you are having.


make one fla that uses one XMLLoader to load a small external swf.

pls include the xml and swf to be loaded. nothing fancy.





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if you replace the following functions in your file it will work:

private function appPlay() {
		xmlLoader = new XMLLoader("data/list.xml", {name:"playListLoader", onComplete:xmlHandler});

	private function xmlHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void {

		trace("XML playlist file loaded...")
		//get the LoaderMax named "playListLoaded" which was inside our XML
		mainQueue = LoaderMax.getLoader("playListLoader");
		//store the nested VideoLoaders in an array

		clips = mainQueue.getChildren();


	private function loadAndPlay() {
		clips[0].addEventListener(LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, completeHandler);


	public function completeHandler(e:LoaderEvent){

		videoContent = LoaderMax.getContent("a").rawContent
		videoContent.alpha = 0;


		TweenLite.to(videoContent, 1, {alpha:1});
		videoContent.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, enterFrame);

	// When currentFrame equals totalFrames in loaded clip (playing), increment index & play the next clip. 		
	private function enterFrame(e:Event):void {
		//check when the animation is finish and move to the next file
		if (videoContent.currentFrame == videoContent.totalFrames) { 
			trace("Next clip...")
			videoContent.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, enterFrame);
			//index = (index + 1)%(clips.length);



this should at least illustrate that videoContent references the loaded swf and you can:

-use addEventListener on videoContent.

-call methods on videoContent like videoContent.gotoAndPlay(1)

-tween video content


I think the big problem was that you were trying to access rawContent before the swf was loaded.

notice how I added


clips[0].addEventListener(LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, completeHandler)






this makes sure the swf is loaded before you try to do anything with it.

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