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Alpha from center ?

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I want to create an image that appears, from its center. (the visualization begins at the center of the image and moves out to the perimeter of the image -- hoping that makes sense). See this vid as an example, check out 0:08



All images seem to appear from the center then spread out. How can this be achieved? Masking? transformaroundcenter? Many thanks in advance! :D

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yes, that can be achieved with masking.

the way those images are revealed appears to be with morphing organic shapes which may be a bit of a challenge. its not just a simple circle or square mask.

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Can you point me to a tutorial on masking in flash? Thanks so much.

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Yep, Carl's suggestions are right-on, and you could also consider using the scrollRect plugin if the masking effect you're looking for is rectangular. It's a bit more complicated to visualize than straight masking, but it performs much better than masking. See the interactive example in the Plugin Explorer at http://www.greensock.com/tweenlite/#plugins (or in the downloads)

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