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TweenLite.to Doesn't Work Right

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This works:


timeline = new TimelineMax({onComplete:NextSlide()});

timeline.append(TweenLite.to(parent_container, 1, {x:130}) );


but this doesn't:


TweenLite.to(parent_container, 1, {x:130, onComplete:NextSlide()});


The latter doesn't slide to the new position, it just suddenly arrives. (The code in between repositions the container. Again, the first example works.) Why doesn't the second example work?



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hi beno,


this could be a simple syntax error. when using onComplete:someFunction... never put the () parenthesis after the function name.



TweenLite.to(parent_container, 1, {x:130, onComplete:NextSlide});



TweenLite.to(parent_container, 1, {x:130, onComplete:NextSlide()});

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Thank you. I have made that mistake before, and making that edit did clear up the problem. However, it returned when I took out the following code (which has nothing to do with GS, but I was told to take it out on the Adobe Flash list to get rid of a problem with "blinking" images):


i = 0;

while (i != parent_container.numChildren)




if (parent_container.parent)



parent_container = null;

parent_container = new MovieClip();




Again, nothing to do with this forum, but I'd love to know where the glitch really is!!



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Beno, I don't really understand what you're asking here.


It would be best if you kept questions in the GreenSock forums focused on GreenSock tools. There are great general forums at actionscript.org and kirupa.com.

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