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tween alpha of display objects with dropshadow

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Hello there,


I know this is not a particular TweenLite/TweenMax issue but maybe someone here knows a solution…


When tweening display objects with a dropshadow filter applied to alpha:0 the object seems to flicker for a frame or so at the end. Without the filter everything works fine. Is this a known flashbug or am I missing something here?

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I just ran a few tests at multiple framerates and tween durations and could not produce a flicker.

if you post a simplified Flash CS4 fla which demonstrates this behavior I will take a look at it.



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Thanks for your help.


Well, I build a simple FLA and I it's behaves correct. I'm currently working on a flex project so I also made a simplified flex app and there is no misbehaviour either. In my project the affected components are nested into multiple parental components… maybe something is going on there when I set the visibility or alpha of a parental component.


I'll go through it and reply again when I have found something.

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