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(Video)Loader pausing issues

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Hi there,


First of all I'd like to express my appreciation for both loadermax as tweenmax. They are both incredibly great and makes my life so much easier!


So now to the issue I'm experiencing. For an application I'm developing I need to load videos. These video's are loaded in the order in which they are probably needed. They are all subloaders of one main loader. So here's the case. When the user skips a couple of videos, I don't want them to be preloaded anymore (for now), so I thought the best way to proceed was calling the pause() method or setting the .paused property to true for a given loader. After setting loader.paused = true and then tracing loader.paused again, it returns false. Either I am missing something, or this is a bug in loadermax.


Hopefully someone is able to help on this.


Thanks in advance,



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Additionally, I'd like to mention hat when I create a new loader and pause it right from the start, then the loader will be paused as expected (simplified, non actual code):

videoLoader = new VideoLoader("path/to/file.f4v", {paused:true}


Setting videoLoader.paused to true or false after it has been instantiated will always result in not pausing the loader at all.

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Ha! You're absolutely right - it reported the status incorrectly if you paused through the setter while the loader wasn't in the process of loading (I had an extra "=" - _status == LoaderStatus.PAUSED instead of _status = LoaderStatus.PAUSED). Silly me. It's fixed in the latest version. Sorry about the hassle/confusion.


Snag it at

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Hi Jack,

That's awesome. Thanks for the very quick fix man! I've got it all running as expected now overhere!

I'm not a club GreenSock member yet, but I'll beter become it soon.

Thanks again,



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