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Additional properties on TransformItems

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I need to add items to a transform manager with additional properties, and then later list all the itms in that transform manager, along with these properties. (Flex 4)


For example, I am adding something that has an image along with an associated name and price. Originally, I was adding an image, so I created a class extending Image:


protected function addNewItem(obj:Object):void {
var stageItem:AddedItem = new AddedItem();
stageItem.source = "images/full/"+obj.img;
stageItem.itemName = obj.name;
stageItem.itemPrice = obj.price;
stageItem.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, selectMe);
var centerLine:Number = workspace.width/2;
stageItem.x = centerLine - 100;
stageItem.y = 200;


Which works fine. However, I can't figure out how to list the objects on command. If I loop through the transform items, there is no such property as name:

private function listItems():void {
			for each ( var item:TransformItem in myManager.items ) {
				trace('item = '+item.name);


gives an error, no property of name. I'm guessing this is actually simple, but I'm missing something obvious. To reiterate, I am looking to get the results of listItems and build an XMLList of the properties.

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Sounds like you're just targeting the wrong object. Remember, every TransformItem has a targetObject with which it is associated. So you could do either of these:


function listItems():void {
   for each ( var item:TransformItem in myManager.items ) {
        trace('item = '+item.targetObject.name);



function listItems():void {
   for each ( var item:DisplayObject in myManager.targetObjects) {
        trace('item = '+item.name);

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