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TextField and TransformManager

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Hi there,


When using the TransformManager, i found a problem when i was trying to rotate a textfield :

When the rotation angle is different of 0, my text disappears. I read on some forum i should use the embedFonts property (to true), but it make my text disappear too when I use device Font (Client side)...

Is it possible to transform a textfield with the TransformManager when using device Font ?

What should i do ?


Hope someone can help me.



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Unfortunately that's a Flash limitation that has nothing to do with TransformManager. If you want to rotate TextFields and keep the font visible, you need to embed it. Actually, I believe I read somewhere that Adobe changed the behavior if you publish for Flash Player 10 or something like that, but don't quote me on that. I just always embed the fonts to make sure everything works consistently.

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