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Image with Tween?

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I have two picture,and put them into spirte,I want to realize two picture switch effect. I don't know if tweening support it. Example code is better.


Thanks in advance

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hi edward,


i don't know if i totally understand the question but this will allow you to cross-fade between two images in one container sprite


import com.greensock.*;

//initialize alpha of 2 image to 0

//create timeline with tweens to fade image1 out and image 2 in
var tl:TimelineMax=new TimelineMax({});
tl.insert(TweenMax.to(containerSprite.image1, 1, {alpha:0}))
tl.insert(TweenMax.to(containerSprite.image2, 1, {alpha:1}))

btn1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, showImage1);
btn2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, showImage2);

function showImage1(e:MouseEvent):void{
//tween to beginning of timeline to show image 1

function showImage2(e:MouseEvent):void{
//tween to end of timeline to show image 2

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