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Free fullscreen sliding gallery

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I'm happy to announce free fullscreen sliding gallery


demo available at http://burnandbass.com/sliding_fullscreen_gallery/


download at http://burnandbass.com/sliding_fullscre ... allery.zip


Opens with CS3, CS4, CS5 (cs3 demo without preloader)... Just pass array of image urls (I did the demo with XML, the code is fully documented) and it will load it for you, dispatches events on slide starts/finished.


This is the same script I used for http://burnandbass.com/maggi/#/en/colle ... eli-kolie/ this gallery


The code is well documented, also in the zip there's pdf file with demo code and all available options. The API includes goNext, goPrevious and gotoSlide functionality.



About licensing - feel free to use in all kind of projects, comeercial or not :) Just keep the greensock's license

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thanks bassta, I will check it out. looks great.

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replace .jpg with .swf isn't possible, right?

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it is, jst change the type from ImageLoader to SWFLoader... If you need to have this with multiple SWF files (instead of images) I'll rewrite it for you, just tell me do you need them for CS3 or CS5..

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:( i've try to see if can change it alone... but :oops: i must advantage of your kindness... i work with cs3...
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Write me a PM what exatly do you want to modify :)

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