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listener for the last item that is competed in a for loop

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Is there a listener for the tweener, to listen for the last item in a loop that is finished?

I know you have onComplete, but that is for every tween.

For example:


for(var i:int = 0; i

var tile:Bitmap = tileArray;

TweenMax.to(tile, 5, {rotation:50, ease:Quad.easeOut, delay:0.02*i, onLastItemComplete:finishedWithAllItems });



function fishinedWithAllItems():void {

trace("the last tile finished with tweening");


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Hello Chrisatflash,


the short answer is no, there is no special listener as each tween has no idea that is part of a loop or what its position is in the loop.

inside the loop you could test to see if the value of i has reached a certain value and then create your last tween with an onComplete.


the great news is you don't need the loop and what you want to do is entirely possible. Since your tiles are already in an array just use TweenMax.allTo() like so



TweenMax.allTo(tileArray, 5, {rotation:50, ease:Quad.easeOut, onCompleteAll:finishedWithAllItems}, .02);


the line of code above can replace your entire loop. the .02 value at the end is the "stagger" amount which does the same thing as your previous delay:i*.02.





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Thanks Carl!

That is a great feature, i did not know about tweening an array, with TweenMax.allTo

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