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how do i trigger functions one after the other?

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This is an AS2 question...


I have a game I created where there is a "READY SET GO!" countdown. I created a 3 frame movieClip that houses all the words right next to each other so I can trigger the timeline to move next after each word is read. Is there a way that I can trigger a "nextFrame()" action using timelineMax to add a delay before each word is shown? I use to be able to do this with Fuse.

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there are a few ways of doing this probably.



using a tweenMax frame tween you could try something like


timeline.append(TweenMax.to(countdown_mc, 6, {frame:3, ease:Linear.easeNone, delay:1}))


the next tween in the timeline may have to be delayed as well so that the last frame of the countdown_mc has time to be read


you may have to play around with the timing to get it to work exactly like you want.

i added the delay as without it the first frame didn't seem to show as long as the second frame.

also, you may need to have a stop() action in frame 1 of the countdown MovieClip.

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