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VideoLoader and No metaData was received.

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First of all, thanks for this library.


I got some strange error with the VideoLoader. Sometime, a error from LoaderEvent is dispatch (No metaData was received.). For a test, a comment the line in VideoLoader.as "_errorHandler(new LoaderEvent(LoaderEvent.ERROR, this, "No metaData was received."));" and all work great.



Can you tell me a little more about this error ? And why when I remove it, it's working ?





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I just see a function is called in the enterframed to set the variable _initted to true, but this function is in the IF



Where the exemple :



if (!_initted)
	_errorHandler(new LoaderEvent(LoaderEvent.ERROR, this, "No metaData was received."));
protected function _forceInit():void {
if (_ns.bufferTime > _duration) {
_ns.bufferTime = _duration;
_initted = true;
if (!_bufferFull && _ns.bufferLength >= _ns.bufferTime) { 
(_sprite as Object).rawContent = _video; //resizes it appropriately



Do you think the function _forceInit() should be before the if(!_initted) ?



Thanks in advance

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Nope. That error basically has to do with the NetStream not finding any meta data in your video. If your video is encoded properly, it should definitely have metadata (with information like width, height, duration, etc.). Without that data, VideoLoader has no idea what the native dimensions of the video are supposed to be or the duration. So again, my guess is that your file wasn't encoded properly. I would NOT recommend changing anything inside VideoLoader - that warning/error message is there for a reason - it's doing exactly what it was supposed to do by making you aware of an encoding problem with your file.


If you think your file is encoded properly and there's a bug in LoaderMax, please post your video and a very simple FLA that I can publish and see the error for myself.

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Thanks for the fast respond. Did you know a software to verified the meta data inside a FLV ? I encode my FLV from After Effect cs5. I can't put this file here but, if you can PM me I can send you the link personally

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  • 8 months later...

I am having the same issue with f4v files exported from Adobe Media Encoder with meta data embedded


The "No metaData was received" error is shown but then the metaData event fires with all the correct data and the video appears at the wrong size


If i don't add the metadata listeners then the video plays fine

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1) Are you using the latest version of VideoLoader/LoaderMax?


2) Can you post a sample FLA (and video) that we can publish and see this happening?

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Thanks for quick reply


I have VERSION: 1.855 * DATE: 2011-06-27 of LoaderMax


videoLoader = new VideoLoader( src, { name:id, autoPlay:autoPlay, bufferMode:true } )


When I set videoLoader.netStream.client = this; to get the events, then the error occurs


The videos are just exported with default settings from Media Encoder.


The video plays fine without it


I have gone to FLVPlayback as i have a deadline! but this is a very useful plugin

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I can confirm the described behaviour. Any news on this?



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Oh, there's your problem - when you set videoLoader.netStream.client = this, it basically steals it from VideoLoader so that VideoLoader isn't notified of the onMetaData event anymore. VideoLoader sets up the NetStream's client internally but then you circumvented that which breaks things. See what I mean?


If you want to know when the metaData is received, just listen for the VideoLoader's INIT event. And you can check its "metaData" property.


Also, you're using an outdated version of VideoLoader - I would definitely recommend updating to the latest version. http://www.greensock.com/loadermax/

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