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selfLoader & progress problem in pure AS3 project

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Hey there,


I have posted this in my other thread also but though of making it a separate topic as it will be easy to search for all :)



Hope you are doing great.


I had SelfLoader & all my assets on frame 1 in a fla file and when I shifted my flash assets on frame 2 and defined SelfLoader on frame 1, it started working fine.


This time I have an AS3 project where my fla file doesnt have anything except for a document class. Now if I specify SelfLoader in my Document class, it doesnt show correct progress, jumps straight to 1..

Can you please guide me on how to correctly use SelfLoader for such a project?


Also I am using a videoLoader along with SelfLoader so I guess its best to put these loaders in LoaderMax queue but I have a question.. How do I specify ON_PROGRESS/ON_COMPLEE events for individual loaders?


Thanks a lot,



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If you simply have a document class, then everything is on the first frame of your swf. That means that by the time the swf inits (plays the first frame), the ENTIRE thing has already loaded. So SelfLoader's behavior that you described is to be expected. Generally it is considered a best practice to use a separate swf file to load your main one. This allows the parent (let's call it preloader.swf) file to be very small and only focused on loading while you can have your main swf be unconcerned with spreading things out across multiple frames, telling any assets that are exported for ActionScript to only do so after frame 1, etc. So that would be my recommendation for you - use a preloader.swf to do your loading.

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