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New feature: Snapping

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I have a suggestion for a new TransformManager feature: snapping.


For certain projects it can be really handy if the user is able to align movieclips relative to other movieclips. Flash (IDE) has a great implementation of this functionality, it displays a line if one of the corner coordinates comes near the X or Y coordinate of a corner of another object. The element you are dragging snaps to the displayed line. It also works for the edges of the canvas/stage.


This functionality would be a great addition to TransformManager.


I need this functionality for a new project. The alternative would be for me to develop it myself, but I think it should be integrated with TransformManager.


Is it something you would consider adding?


Btw; I am a big fan of TransformManager, thanks for all the hard work and great support! :)

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Snapping isn't exactly a quick/simple feature to add. Unfortunately, I cannot commit to adding it anytime soon (not that it will never be added). Sorry, I wish I had better news for you but feel free to implement that in your own project and if you're up for sharing it with others, that'd be swell.


Glad to hear TransformManager is serving you well otherwise.

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hi Jack

I am sure it ain't easy to implement

BUT, shoudl the urge take you, I would add my 'vote' for this functionality... if my vote counts for anything

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I've done a fork of the transform manager that can snap to display objects, grids and bounds. Not sure about the best way to get the classes over though, don't just want to attach them to a forum post. I'll get it uploaded somewhere stat.

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Yeah, Erik, please run this through me if you don't mind. It's great to hear that you got a snapping feature working. Anxious to see it...

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