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auditSize and Safari issue

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Howdy Jack,


I'm running into a similar Safari "plug-in canceled" error that has popped up in the forum a few times. I understand that the solution is to set auditSize to "false" and manually define the estimated bytes. I'm just not sure where to define auditSize within my code. Here's the gist of what I have.


First I load in an XML file:


xmlLoader = new XMLLoader("../xml/"+photogID+"_flash.xml", {name:"xmlDoc"+photogNumber, onInit:onXMLLoaderComplete, integrateProgress:false, auditSize:false, estimatedBytes:200});

Within that XML file are several LoaderMax instances each holding a list of ImageLoaders:



As the user navigates through the subsection related to the XML document, I call up the related LoaderMax instance within the XML and begin loading assets:


loaderCurrent=xmlLoader.getLoader(XML_photo.navigation_left.btn.sectionID[sectionNum]) as LoaderMax;


The loaderCurrent has already been defined as a LoaderMax instance:


var loaderCurrent:LoaderMax;

I'm fairly certain that I need to set auditSize=false for loaderCurrent. I'm just not sure how to go about doing that (or even if that's indeed what I should be doing to begin with). I tried the following with no luck:


var loaderCurrent:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"loaderCurrent", defaultAuditSize:false});

Do you have any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? The site is running beautifully thanks to this rocking class of yours, I just can't seem to squish that last little bug.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks dude.

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First off, I'd highly recommend reading the LoaderMax Tips & Tricks page at http://www.greensock.com/loadermax-tips/ - it explains this stuff.


If you have estimatedBytes for all your loaders, there's no reason to worry about turning auditSize off - loaders with estimatedBytes will never be audited.


If you want to set the default auditSize value to false, just do this once:


LoaderMax.defaultAuditSize = false;


Does that help?

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