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Dynamic CuePoints with VideoLoader

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Hi everybody.

Does anyone know how to add dynamic video cuePoints to the VideoLoader?

Like the “addASCuePoint()” method from the FLVPlayback Component.

Is it possible to define in the “VideoLoaderVars” an array with my cuePoints?


I would like to write some nodes with cuePoint Information into a XML and

add the cuePoints later dynamically to the VideoLoader.


Or should i work with the "videoTime"-property?

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Your wish is my command, Stefan. I just posted an update to VideoLoader and it now has addASCuePoint() and removeASCuePoint() methods (as of version 1.6 of VideoLoader). Take a peek and let me know if it works well for you.

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Hi Jack! Thank you so much for extending the VideoLoader with dynamicCuePoints!

I have tried the the method and everythings works fine. Only one thing i have noticed.


The Listener (VideoLoader.VIDEO_CUE_POINT) always fires 2 times when it reaches the

the dynamic added CuePoint from the "addASCuePoint()"-method.

If it reaches the included CuePoint ( rendered into the video ), it only fires 1 time.


Any idea?


Thank you and greetings.


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Jack, i have found the solution. It was my fault.

I have added the CuePoints at "LoaderEvent.INIT" of the "VideoLoader".

So it was added 2 times, cause "Init" was called 2 times. :D

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