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..so simple ..so hard for me!

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hi there


i'm trying to move the buttons like this example



the X Y movements of the Menu and the sub menus.. ...

but i cannot understand how to correctly use the drawing api to build that stupid pink thin line between the element....

mine is a caos of curves not a rigid line moving between 2 points..


PS i can write only in AS 2...


Thanks in advance....

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Sounds like more of a general Flash question that's not directly related to GreenSock classes - this forum is more for GreenSock-specific tools. Maybe try the forums at actionscript.org or kirupa.com? Or if someone here wants to chime in and help, feel free.

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... yes i know i would like to know if it was possibile to use the tween to move the drawing api.... but i'm complicating by myself... i solved everything with the classic AS :-)

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